To carry on the tradition of lacrosse in West Irondequoit.

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Terms - Offense

1. Find Space - Get to an open patch of field, away from other players.

2. Space- Get to an open patch of field, away from other players.

3. Meet the Pass - Run toward the man passing you the ball.

4. Get the Ball to “X”- Pass/Run the ball to the spot directly behind the goal.

5. Adjacent – Offensive players on either side of the man with the ball.

6. I’m your Help!– I’m open!

7. Be the Help - The coaches are telling you to go over and get yourself open so your teammate can pass you the ball because he’s in trouble.

8. Who’s the Help? - The coaches are asking the players on the field who can get themselves open so they can get the ball passed to them.

Terms - Defense

1. Find a Man– Find someone to guard right away.

2. Match Up / Shadow Up- Match up with someone to guard right away.

3. Drop- Don’t guard your man so close.

4. Drop Back- Don’t guard you man so close.

5. The Hole - Area right in front of your goal. Always watch the hole!

6. Stop the Ball – Pick up the man with the man and stop him from running in and taking a shot.

7. No Stick D - Play defense by staying in front of your man, not trying to take the ball away but not letting him get past you. Play defense like you don’t have a stick in your hand.

8. Body- Don’t lunge for your man’s stick. Just guard his body.

9. Play the Body - Don’t lunge for your man’s stick. Just guard his body.

10. Kickit 2 Pickit - When the ball is in the middle of a pile, kick it out so you can pick it up.

11. Clear - When the defense or goalie gets the ball and tries to get it back up-field.

Additional Terms 

10 Second Rule - The time allotted to a team to move the ball into the offensive zone when short-handed.

2-on-1 - A situation where an offensive player has beaten his/her check to create a man advantage going into the offensive zone (3-on-2, 4-on-3, 5-on-4 are all similar types of situations).

30-Second Rule - The time allotted to a team to get a shot on the opponents goal.

Backhand - The act of shooting or passing from behind one's back.

Box Defense - A defensive strategy commonly used when the opponent is on the power play.

Catching - The act of receiving a passed ball with the crosse.

Checking - Occurs when a defending player has contact with am offensive player; also refers to when a defending player has contact with the stick of an offensive player.

Clamping - Occurs when a defending player places the head of his/her stick over the top of an offensive player's stick.

Controlling - Keeping a player in check in order to minimize offensive threats.

Corner Man - The player who plays the corner or shooter positions on offense.

Corner Position - The offensive position on both sides of the floor located near the side face-off circles.

Cradling - The rocking motion of the stick used to gain a feel for, and to maintain control of the ball.

Crease - An area around the goal that opposing players are forbidden to enter.

Crease Man - A offensive player who plays the crease position.

Crease Position - A position on the goal line that is extended from and approximately one meter off of the goal crease.

Cross Checking - Stick to stick contact in an attempt to dislodge the ball. It normally consists of a series of controlled taps.

Cutting - A movement by a player without the ball in anticipation of a pas.

Defense - The act of protecting one's goal area when the opponent has the ball. The team without possession of the ball.

Defensive Stance - A position where the player's knees are bent, the feet are shoulder width apart, the lead foot is slightly ahead, and the stick is held to match the opponent's stick as well as protect the body.

Dodge - A one-on-one move where a deliberate step is taken in one direction followed by an explosive step on the opposite direction.

Draw - Pulling and turning the stick during a face-off

Face-Off - A method of starting or restarting play. A technique, where players squat down and the ball is placed between their crosses, used to put the ball into play.

Fake - Performing a movement without completion in an attempt to fool the opponent.

Fast Break - A rapid attack which occurs during the transition from offense to defense.

Feeding - Passing the ball to a teammate with the crosse towards the goal in an attempt to score.

Give & Go - The act of passing and then quickly going for a return pass.

Ground Ball - A loose ball on the playing field.

Loose Ball - Occurs when the ball is not in control of either team.

Man Down - A situation where one team has fewer players on the field than their opponent. Often a result of a penalty.

Man-to-Man - A team defensive strategy where the pressure is placed on the ball carrier while the remaining players move off their checks to the middle of the field.

Motion Offense - An offensive formation that involves having five runners in the continuous and balanced cycle of player movement.

Out of Bounds - The area outside of the playing field.

Overhand - A shooting or passing motion created by moving the stick downward from above or just off the players shoulder.

Overload - The strategy of moving one or two extra players into one area of the field.

Passing - The act of throwing the ball to a teammate with the crosse.

Pick - The act of blocking the path of a defender such that he/she cannot follow his/her check.

Pick & Roll - The act of setting a pick and then turning to receive a pass.

Point Man - The player who plays the point position on offense.

Point Position - A location at the top and center of the field, this location is taken by the player who is furthest from the goal.

Power Play - A situation when one team has a player advantage as a result of a penalty.

Quick Stick - The act of catching and then passing or shooting in one motion.

Rake - A face-off move in which a player sweeps the ball to the side.

Ready Position - A method of holding the stick who two hands such that the head of the stick is near the shoulder.

Ride - Trying to prevent a team from clearing the ball.

Scoop - A method of picking up the ball by accelerating the head fo the stick under the ball to lift it off the ground.

Shooting - The act of throwing the ball with the crosse toward the goal in an attempt to score.

Side Arm - The act of shooting or passing the ball by swinging the stick through the horizontal plane at the waist.

Sliding - The act of leaving one's check to assist a team mate.

Stick Side - A defensive position taken to defend against an offensive player's stick.

Sub Shot - A shot that is taken with the stick moving in a plane below the waist.

Switch - The act of exchanging checks with a team mate.

Time - Begins when a team gains possession of the ball.

Trap & Scoop - The act of placing the head of the stick over the ball to stop its movement and then scooping the ball into the stick.

Triple Threat - A position where the stick is held with two hands such that the body is between the stick and the opponent; this position allows the player to pass, shoot, or go around their opponent.

V-Cut - A one-to three-step move by an offensive player where the defender is first engaged; the offensive player then takes a quick reverse step and moves into the open to receive the ball from a teammate.

Weak Side - The side of the field with the fewest number of players.

Zone - A defensive strategy where each player is assigned a designated area to defend.