To carry on the tradition of lacrosse in West Irondequoit.

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REQUIRED EQUIPMENT (Unless notified otherwise) - CLICK HERE for full policy:

  • Girls - ​Goggles or Women Lacrosse Headgear (either must meet the ASTM Specification Standards), Mouth Guard, Cleats (no metal), and a Women's Lacrosse Stick. NOTE: NO jewelry is allowed at any time during practice or games.

  • Boys - ​Men's Lacrosse Stick, Lacrosse Helmet, Gloves, Arm Pads, Shoulder Pads, Cup, Mouth Guard, and Cleats (no metal). NOTE: Rib Guards are optional

IYL Boys Winter Training 2019-2020

Boys Winter Training 2019-2020 (Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:30 pm) [Nov. 6th - Feb. 26th] will consist of: 4-Collegiate/Professional Mini Camp Clinics, 4-Pizza Parties, 4-IYL Coaches Practices, 5-Town vs Town Scrimmages.

Opened: 10/31/2019
Closes: 11/30/2019

Open to: Boys
born between: 11/02/2006 and 11/01/2014

In Grades: 1 to 6 for 2019-20 School year

IHS Alumni Account Registration

This Free Registration is for IHS Alumni. By creating an account, you will be notified about Irondequoit Lacrosse Activities, Games and other Events. 

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New Account Registration for Modified / JV / Varsity

This is for players and parents that have a child playing Modified, JV or Varsity Lacrosse. This is for West Irondequoit Student Athletes.