To carry on the tradition of lacrosse in West Irondequoit.

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REQUIRED EQUIPMENT (Unless notified otherwise) - CLICK HERE for full policy:

  • Girls - ​Goggles or Women Lacrosse Headgear (either must meet the ASTM Specification Standards), Mouth Guard, Cleats (no metal), and a Women's Lacrosse Stick. NOTE: NO jewelry is allowed at any time during practice or games.

  • Boys - ​Men's Lacrosse Stick, Lacrosse Helmet, Gloves, Arm Pads, Shoulder Pads, Cup, Mouth Guard, and Cleats (no metal). NOTE: Rib Guards are optional

IHS Alumni Account Registration

This Free Registration is for IHS Alumni. By creating an account, you will be notified about Irondequoit Lacrosse Activities, Games and other Events. 

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New Account Registration for Modified / JV / Varsity

This is for players and parents that have a child playing Modified, JV or Varsity Lacrosse. This is for West Irondequoit Student Athletes.